California Department of Justice - 2008 Guidelines For Medical Marijuana Enforcement
  Proposition 215 - Text of California's Proposition 215
  California Senate Bill Number: SB 420Bill Text
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Americans For Safe Access
Membership is a simple and easy way for verified patients to save on the medicine and receive access to exclusive specials and pricing.
Strain reviews and pictures, cannabis cooking recipes and more! One of our favorite blogs!

Medical Marijuana News and Updates. Dave Warden is both informative and hilarious.

Safer Alternative For Enjoyable Recreation
Marijuana is safer than alcohol – it’s time we treat it that way.

International Cannagraphic Magazine
International Cannagraphic, a global community of cannabis growers, activists, photographers, breeders, vendors and medical patients.
Founded by committed Volunteers and Doctors. Volunteers provide medication education and transportation for any patient needing this vital and free health care service.Our 15 approved walk in locations are ready to serve you and save you money. Patients may also set a Doctor house call appointment if needed.

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Guide to California's Marijuana Laws

Medical and Scientific Information about Cannabis

Uses of Medical Marijuana

California NORML Patient's Guide to Medical Marijuana


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